Release Notes - NDC - March 2021

Feature API affected Live / Test Action for Partners
Alignment for input of FFP, CLID and PromoCode AirShopping/
Test Partners should review the changes and revise integration
Target in PRD: 18 Jan 21

Re-price Existing Order
OrderReshop Test / Live Partners are encouraged to review their integration to provide users with the additional information available at repricing.
Support for UATP OrderCreate Test For info
Target in PRD: mid-Mar21
Click here to download Mar 21 release notes and general notices

25 Mar 21

SQ will be conducting a one-off 3DS activation for all Partners on SQ NDC come 1 April 2021. This implies that Partners who have not yet integrated 3DS with us will experience redirection errors for credit card transactions attempted on your platforms. Should any Partner wish to be excluded from this 3DS activation exercise, kindly provide in writing a request to the SQ NDC team to opt out. Nil responses will be taken as consent to 3DS activation for your NDC platforms on 1 April 2021.

Click here to download Mar 21 release notes on IATA Reso 890X and 3DS implications