Release Notes - NDC - May 2021

Feature API affected Live / Test Action for Partners
Support for Mixed Cabin Class Search
AirShopping Test / Live Partners who wish to provide their sellers / customers with the ability to flexibly select different cabin classes for different bounds should integrate this feature.

Updated Processing of Contact Information
OrderCreate Test Update OrderCreateRQ accordingly for provision of Travel Agency contact info as well as Pax contact info
Target in PRD: Jun21 (Activation by Partner)
Minimum Time before departure flag AirShopping Test Partners to inform implementation lead if they would like this flag returned. This is highly encouraged.
Target in PRD: Jun21

Support for EasyPay
Test SQ NDC will soon support the usage of IATA EasyPay cards as a Form of Payment under BSP settlement. EasyPay has been implemented as a sub-category of credit cards.
Automated Processing of Advice Status Codes OrderRetrieve Test Advice status codes can arise in NDC bookings because of external modification of the PNR. SQ NDC has been enhanced to automatically process these status codes when partners retrieve the Order.
Target in PRD: Jul21
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