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What Is NDC?
NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). The NDC Standard enhances the capability of communications between the airlines and travel agents which will transform the way air products are retailed to end consumers.
About SIA KrisConnect NDC Offering

SIA's NDC capability is developed in conjunction with Amadeus and rides on IATA's NDC initiative to develop and embed a modern data transmission standard across the travel industry distribution chain.

In line with our merchandising and personalisation objective, SIA has also worked with Amadeus to develop a Merchandising platform that enables us to create customised offerings (fares, ancillaries) and bundles that are tailored based on customers' needs and preferences. Our passengers benefit from a greater variety of content and more competitive fare offering that is distributed exclusively in the NDC channel.

KrisConnect together with NDC and Amadeus merchandising platform enable the transmission of richer, more complete content, and better enables consumers of content to configure it in a way that suits them. Partners connected to NDC can look forward to:

Exclusive airfares and bundled products
Real-time offers launched by the airline reaching your customers
Creation of bespoke offers unique to an agent or customer
Remuneration for sale of ancillary products
NDC opens the door to endless opportunities, bringing true retailing capabilities to life​.
Why Is SIA Embracing NDC?
Today, airlines file fares, schedules and availability into 3rd party databases where the GDS-es retrieve them to construct the offer. Such offers are limited to the content that is filed to such databases, and our customers will not be able to access personalised offers or be able to select ancillary products like seats and excess baggage as these are not filed into databases for GDS-es to retrieve. Additionally, the time taken to roll out new products and services via legacy systems is often long which may not make the offer relevant or attractive when launched.
With NDC and Merchandising platform, the content aggregators (which are the traditional GDS as well as new players we term as aggregators) and agents themselves will be connected to SQ via NDC. The construction of the offer will come from SQ directly allowing for quicker roll out of product and services as any product available on SQ's direct channels (website and mobile app) will also be available to the trade. Our partners will also have access to the additional fares/content created by our Merchandising Platform.
NDC Certification
Singapore Airlines is among IATA's leaderboard airlines that have pledged commitment to grow NDC volumes rapidly and drive critical mass adoption. We are also certified NDC@Scale since June 2020 - the highest level of certiication awarded by IATA - demonstrating that we have a minimum set of recognized capabilities to drive volumes of NDC transactions.
SIA Altea NDC is currently on version 18.1
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