Getting Started

This page is an overview of our API documentations and related resources. **Our APIs** Get access to SIA's information and functionalities to improve your customers' experience. SIA has made this possible by developing APIs, both the industry standard NDC API as well as SIA proprietary APIs, which provide real-time information and functionalities to improve customer experiences across their travel journey. [**HighFlyer**](/docs/read/highflyer/) Allow SIA partners to facilitate HighFlyer member registration in their channels [**Destination**](/docs/read/destination/) Provide the SQ/MI destinations list [**Flight Status**](/docs/Flight_Status/) Retrieve real-time SIA flight status information [**Flight Search**](/docs/flight_search/) Retrieve SIA Offers [**Flight Booking**](/docs/flight_booking/) Retrieve SIA Offers and complete the order [**NDC**](/docs/ndc/) Improve the booking experience with the industry standard APIs